Jumping Over Puddles

Original title: Uz zase skácu pres kaluze
Director: Karel Kachyna
Country and year: Czechoslovakia - West Germany / 1970
Genre: Family, Drama

: Vladimír Dlouhý, Bozena Böhmová, Michal Dlouhý, Zdena Hadrbolcová, Josef Karlík, Karel Hlusicka

This Czechoslovakian children's film takes place during the last days of the Austro-Hungarian empire. There is nothing the young son of the Imperial horse-trainer loves more than riding his own horse. Then he is stricken by polio, then hospitalization and operations follow. Still, for the time he is lucky, for he can get around for short distances on crutches, though he usually uses a wheelchair. With the help of his friends, he is able to ride his horse again, and his joy knows no bounds. Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide