Touching wild horses

Original title: Touching wild horses
Director: Eleanor Lindo
Country and year: Canada, UK, Germany / 2002
Genre: Drama

Cast: Mark Rendall, Jane Seymour, Charles Martin Smith, Gloria Slade, James McGowan

When tragedy strikes his family, young Mark Benton is thrown upon the mercy of his enigmatic, prickly Aunt Fiona, who shares her home on a magical island off the coast of Nova Scotia with a herd of enchanting, graceful wild ponies. For 20 years, Sable Island has been Fiona's refuge from her own secret tragedy but she doesn't seem to have any mercy to spare, only rules. Mark is not to call her Aunt. He must not tell lies. Most importantly of all, he is never to touch the wild horses.But when a hurricane kills a mare, leaving her colt orphaned and doomed, Mark discovers that by breaking Fiona's rules, he inadvertently helps her and himself to begin their lives again.