Young Black Stallion

Original title: Young black stallion
Director: Simon Wincer
Country and year: USA / 2003
Genre: Family, drama, adventure

Cast: Richard Romanus, Biana Tamimi, Patrick Elias, Gérard Rudolf, Ali Al Ameri

Disney's first dramatic feature made specifically for the giant screen is the continuation of a family favorite and a story that has enthralled generations of readers. "Young Black Stallion," a prequel to the 1979 classic, presents the horse's adventures with a young girl named Neera, who has been separated from her father in Arabia by WWII. Left alone in the desert, she befriends the wild colt, whom she names Shetan. Once reunited with her father, however, Neera remains haunted by images of the lost horse of the desert - one of a few stallions of legend, rumored to be "born of the sands, sired by the night sky, drinkers of the wind." The original writer and producer of "The Black Stallion" have returned for this production, which will bring giant screen audiences Walter Farley's equine hero as they have never seen it before.