Running free

Original title: Running free
Director: Sergei Bodrov
Country and year: USA / 1999
Genre: Drama, adventure, family

Cast: Chase Moore, Maria Geelbooi, Arie Verveen, Jan Decleir, Graham Clarke

In 1914, a German supply ship is en route to Africa with a cargo of work horses when one of the mares gives birth to a foal. The colt is soon separated from his mother when the ship docks in a mining community, and he has a hard time getting along, but an orphaned boy who works at a stable takes a liking to the little horse and looks after him. When war breaks out, the stable is abandoned and the pony escapes into a nearby desert, where an Oryx antelope and a native girl become his companions and teach him how to survive on his own. Written by Mark Deming for imdb.